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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


  I am working on a line of nature inspired cards so I'm trying to channel spring, and all it's loveliness (which in Savannah, is particularly lovely with perfect weather and colorful blossoms abounding).  A rather hard task given the gloomy weather we've had for the last few weeks.  I thought I would put together a mood board, a spring-board if you will, to gather the images and items that have been driving my creative process through these dark and cold winter days.
1&2)Megan Park's spring/summer 2010 collection for women and girls.
3)The lovely Oaks that line the streets and fill the parks in my neighborhood in Savannah, Ga.  
4,5&6)The printed pieces by textile designer Virginia Johnson that I love to wear and fill my house with!
7&8) The imagery and homewares from Anthropologie's February catalogue. 
9&10) Photos by the great Deborah Mclinton for the Erica Tanov spring/summer 2006 catalogue, one of my favorite seasons for Erica's designs, and my favorite ET catalogue of all times - that I still look to for inspiration! 
11) The Chie Mihara flat's I'm coveting for spring! oh they make me weak in the knees, and there never was a more comfortable shoe maker ever - in my past life (pre-baby when my career involved dressing well every day) I could wear there 3 inch heels all day long without any soreness (and my job was not one in which I got to sit often).

Below are a  few of the sketches I've done with the help of my inspiration board. The scanned images of the drawings are always a bit lackluster to me, but the images come alive when I silkscreen the pigments on the paper - a reason I love my process, something about the way the pigment sits atop the paper and transforms a design into this brightly saturated image with a life of it's own. I will post images of the complete line when they are in there final form.
1)Savannah Oaks     2)Spring Flowers            3) Marsh Grasses

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