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Friday, February 26, 2010

Displaying Little People's Art....

Having a very active two and a half year old girl means constantly coming up with activities to keep her little hands busy. The one easy go-to craft we tend to love doing together is painting with watercolors and finger paints. As of right now, we display her works of art clothes-pinned on a line that spans the wall of the playroom/office. It looked really great at first, but now it is overloaded with art that I can't bring myself to put away just yet.
In looking for other ways to display her art, I came across this post on Odeedoh about a really clever way to display your childs art. I love the idea of taking many pieces of art and making one large piece out of it, while still showing the individual works themselves. In this picture they used teeny copies of artwork and hand matted them in one large board, but I was thinking of scanning each piece of art (before storing them in an archival box) and creating a large poster in a program like Photoshop, that I would then have printed at a place like Kinko's and frame like the one below.
Another idea I had, but one that would be a bit more expensive, would be to buy 9 frames with mats that correlate to the size paper she usually paints on, and have a rotating wall of art. I love this idea and think it would be really stunning, but the initial investment is a bit high and I haven't found the right wall in my home for a large collection like this. Maybe when I redecorate my hubbie and I's bedroom. hmmm....

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