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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine Finds for Him.... from Etsy.

I have been perusing Etsy in search for a Valentine present for my ever-lovin-hubby, and have found quite a few goodies that I think would be great for many the manly man. Thought I'd share a few on my list....
                                          Leather MacBook Case
(A handmade laptop case that is both rugged and artsy, I wouldn't be able to help but eye the beholder of such a handsome carrier at the coffee house)

(Because we never have enough pint glasses to cheers our good health with; Because personalized glasses show that you put a true effort into embracing his pastimes; Because they are kitschy way to advertise your love without actually inking it onto your body permanently)

                        Printed Canvas Notebook
(Housing an XL Moleskine, this sturdy canvas notebook with pencil holder, is an attractive way to encourage him to actually write down the ideas he has, and remember all that stuff he seems to forget, )
(He may imbue more meaning in it, and yes being Valentines Day I think indulging him appropriate, but secretly it's really just meant to be a place for him to hang the sweatpants he throws by the side of the bed each night when he gets into bed in his skivvies.)

(Because what hubby/boyfriend/partner isn't sick of his better half swooning over the Twillight men, well at least I know mine is)

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